X Marks the Spot: Calvin Klein Underwear

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Here at LSoD, we not only love new products but also hot men in skimpy underwear and a bit of controversy, so on this dreary Monday afternoon, we have bought you all three.

Calvin Klein have bought out a new range of underwear named 'X' which has been launched with a highly controversial advert which has been banned in the UK. The range is highly breathable stretch cotton, as well as having a slightly padded crotch to enhance your ::ahem:: assets.

It is great to see that the iconic CK waistband has been redesigned, having the Calvin Klein name oversized as well as incorporating a thicker band. And most importantly, the 'X' label has been designed to just pop out over your jeans...

On top of this highly charged launch, CK is running a competition called '9 Countries, 9 Men, 1 Winner' in which nine men from nine countries compete to become brand representatives for Calvin Klein Underwear. Though, the winners will not be the face of the new campaigns - which saves the embarrassment of having your nether regions plastered over busses - but will benefit from a host of treats as well as the knowledge you look pretty damn good in a pair of pretty hott pants.

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