The Worlds First Wearable Magazine - T-Post

Style : Imagine wearing a magazine. Cutting and sticking together pages of i-D or V Man isn't quite as comfortable or practical as t-post, the worlds first wearable magazine.

Ok, bare with me as I try to explain this one. I first thought it was a printable, DIY project that was like a zine. But no, it really is a t-shirt that has gained quite a cult following. Every five weeks, subscribers receive a new t-shirt through the mail that has a news story on the inside and an artists interpretation on the front.

Based in Sweden and started in 2004 as a fun project with friends, the concept started with 5 copies and has grown to be distributed in over 50 countries. Now that is a successful project. Also what's great about it is that like a normal magazine, the story and image is a surprise, and we all, including LSoD like surprises.

Furthermore, T-Post is also environmentally friendly as they do not over-print and they do not sell in stores, which keeps costs and resources down, meaning it creates less environmental waste. How many magazine are pretty much carbon neutral?

Jonas of T-Post is kindly sending me a copy of issue 51, which has been designed by Marc Stromberg and not only is the t-shirt pretty damn awesome, it is the only t-shirt you can play 'rock, paper, scissors' with. Don't believe me? Click here to find out more.

I will post again once I recieve mine in the mail, as I think this is one of the hottest, ingenious and fashion-forward products/magazines/pieces of apparel ever. And thats saying something. In the mean time watch the video below.

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