Suiting at Burtons

Style :

Following on from last autumn/winter with the incredibly aesthetically pleasing black suit, Burtons have produced the 'perfect grey suit', above. Sir Philip Green set the design team at Burtons to produce a suit that had the look and aura of Savile Row but not the price tag. Coming in at £149, the 'Perfect Grey Suit', as they are calling it, collection can be purchased separately making it the ideal suit whatever your body shape. There are subtle design elements that are all different on each blazer such as 1 or 2 button, double breasted, peak or notch lapel and the cut is either on a slim cut or a tailored fit block. 

So once again, Burtons comes up trumps and continually exceeds perception and expectations, signifying the stalwart of mens high street brands has changed for the better. 

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