Pradalphabet Limited Edition T-Shirts

Style : Fashion is either your mother tongue, or it is a language you don't understand but for Muiccia Prada, it is her life, her language and her blood. For her, fashion is as easy as the A, B, C...

So naturally Prada has devised a limited edition t-shirt called Pradalphabet, in collaboration with the Parisian art and design duo M/M. All twenty six letters of the alphabet have been redesigned, for the made-to-order service, and five letters will feature on the front of the t-shirt, with a redesigned Prada logo on the back. The new logo, the Prada name surrounded by a rope garland topped with the crest of the Italian Royal family, has an additional 'M' in it.

Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag - M/M - are quite the graphic and aesthetic junkies, having already developed 50 typefaces and designed the t-shirt to be placed in a pretty awesome cloth covered archive box with an essay written by the Italian writer Federico Nicolao. So this is more than just a t-shirt, its an intellectual one too.

I'm thinking its not going to be cheap, and nor will be creating your name out of the typeface with their special made-to-order service. But who can say they have had their name designed by Prada?
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