Pirelli x Stanley Korshak

Style :

If you think Texas style only consists of cowboy boots, washed denim jeans and plaid shirts, then head to Dallas and find Stanley Korshak. The incredibly sumptuous and luxury lead department store, at first glance, looks like a French Chateau. Situated in downtown Dallas, it is set well away from the North Park Center which houses fashion favorites on all levels of commerciality. 

One of the newest items to be dropped at Stanley Korshak are these Pirelli sneakers, made by the Italian company that revolutionized racing tires and 'cheeky' calendars. The brand’s sleek shoes are not only made with tough rubber soles for performance, they are also offered in many innovative colors and styles. Perfect for the track, jetting around town, or a casual evening with friends. Crawford Brock, owner of Stanley Korshak, said these would be 'hot' and so far he’s spot on. I think they are a staple sneaker suitable for anyone, anywhere - and not a plaided shirt in sight! 

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