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Now this is one map you won't find on the AA route-planner but you will find your way to a great wardrobe if you plan on visiting 90210. According to Shop It to Me, a personalised online sale finder, these are the brands that are favoured by Los Angeles, both for men and women. They have used data collected from their users to focus on the labels.

To be honest, I do not find the results on face value suprising as Hollywood is quite sexy with a little added glamour and Santa Monica is very resort relaxed, which is expected from a coastal area. However, what is suprising is the vast difference in tastes between two of the money areas; Bel Air and Beverly Hills.

The traditional, almost old school residents of Beverly Hills prefer the traditional brands such as Ralph Lauren, classic Fendi and young cult brand Guess. The whole family kitted out there I think - though who is wearing Juicy makes me wonder.

Yet it is the new, almost crass neavau riche who are favouring the more flashy, Italian brands such as Gucci, Prada and D&G. If you think of the 'Fresh Prince' then you get the idea of clients in the 90077 code area.

Whilst many presume Beverly Hills, with its high precentage of celebrties and high net worth individuals, many know - and as this map shows - they are not regular buyers of the big brands. And why would they? On one hand many are endorsed by or are close to such brands, meaning they do not have to buy it, but also if you have ever seen pictures of high-profile individuals 'off duty', they are dressed down in a simple jeans and t-shirt look. 

I wounder what Lodon's map looks like? Or even the UK as a whole? 
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