bStore at Bluebird

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I am just about to get ready for the following launch but before I do I need to share this with you. One of London's hottest and most fashion forward menswear stores, bStore is collaborating in a Pop Up Shop with the illustrious The Shop at Bluebird.

TSaB is one of London's premier retail stores, based on the Kings Road, which stocks an incredible array of exclusive designers and London based talent. The space, which is open from tomorrow - March 18th - which will run for a month, finally closing on April 18th, has been created by the incredible, Post-Office. No, not Royal Mail, the multi-talented architectural and interiors design people that have specially created some innovative stocking displays and impressive lighting systems that will hopefully make the project one of the best spectacles this year.

So as I get ready to inhale my dinner, I will make sure I have coated my hair in spray as apparently there are some industrial fans that are activated when people walk into the store, creating something of a 'spring breeze'. Lovely.

The bStore Pop Up Shop runs from March 8th-April 18th 2010 at The Shop at Bluebird, 350 Kings Road, London SW3 UU
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