Best Foot Forward - Del Toro Loafers

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"Always wear expensive shoes. People notice", once said author Brian Koslow. But you don't have to spend a lot on amazing looking shoes, as Del Toro have proven.

The American based loafer company, the brain child of three students, was founded by James G. Bohannon, Nathanial C. Wish and Matthew S. Chevallard whilst they were at boarding school. Basically, they wanted to get some loafers featuring their school logo as a graduation memento, but found waiting eight months, and paying £450 a pair, was not what they wanted. And nor would I. Or you or anybody.

So from there they came up with the idea of making and selling loafers that could be embroidered and personalised, as well as made-to-measured, at a good price. And at around £90 a pair ($135) for the basic loafer, and up to £155 ($225) for the customised version where you can upload your own image to be placed on the toe. Looking through their website, there is not a logo or emblem I couldn't find.

They are made and comprised of a cotton velvet upper with a first grade cow leather lining and fine cow leather outsole. In addition to this they have a rubber piece glummed heel where the heel is nailed up to both insole and outsole. For the price, including shipping, they are significantly cheaper than Northampton made shoes, the home of Church's, of the same quality. The colourway selection is also extensive, with loden green, navy blue, night black, walnut brown, white/grey stripe linen, ultramarine linen, light blue linen, and crimson red linen to choose from.

I think they are great shoes to dress up or down; with jeans, short summer shorts or with a semi-formal suit. Personally, I would wear them almost everywhere, and for the price, including shipping, they are one of the best priced items I have seen this year.

I wonder if I could get away with wearing those with the USA Presidential Seal on the toe? Though I think the skull and crossbones are a more reasonable choice...

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