A Fetish of the Soul

Style : Well not so much a fetish but some pretty great jewelry. Soul Fetish is a pretty big international brand, but has echos of grungy Los Angeles.

The collection is sterling silver but it combines a stunning array of gemstones, mother of pearl, leather and my favorite skin, stingray. I have a bracelet from Egypt that is stingray and silver and I'm sure one of the ray pieces will complement it perfectly.

The collection is hand-made and has been around 1999, began by French designer, Thierry Martino, at a time when rock chic began to influence fashion, becoming a mainstream look. It also has quite a celebrity following, with Mickey Rourke; Hollywood hard man and star of 'The Wrestler', burlesque dancer Dita von Teese and group Black Eyes Peas all part of the Soul Fetish fan base.

The pieces are not cheap, but as an investment piece they are fantastic. The intricacy and workmanship is superb, and in this current climate investment is key. Luxury goods houses are reporting rise upon rise in profits, and the consumer is spending carefully but wisely, but you can't go wrong with sterling silver - which the cost per ounce has risen also - and precious stones.

The brand has launched its UK website and will launch in Selfridges, Oxford street, London in April, a little after Easter. One of these pieces will ultimately beat a 99p chocolate egg from Tesco.

Vivacious, strong and full of attitude; the Paris store. The red laqured interior really sets the scene and represents the moody, hearty ideology of Soul Fetish. I wonder if the concession in Selfridges will be in upstairs in menswear or in the Wonder Room?

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