UJ Uniqlo Denim Launch

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Uniqlo is one of the hottest, and favored, brands in the UK at the moment, and the Japanese apparel company has launched the UJ line, featuring Japanese denim for £59.99.

The country, famed for its progressive technology, is also a leader in denim with spinning, vintage treatment and cotton-blending and the UJ collection offers a huge variety of fits, washes and detailing that combines style and the perfect fit - believe me, being (relatively) short and slim - is a God send!

The collection comes in four price tiers; with the £49.99-£59.99 bracket being the top. The 'Made in Japan' jeans are the premium UJ jeans which feature premium denim from the famed Kaihara mill that have rugged detailing, stitching and a manual vintage treatment that ensures no two pairs are the same. You can not often get individuality for under £60!

The next tier is the £29.99 range which uses top-quality fabrics, Japanese denim, dying, detailing and a careful finish that give the collection an really great used aesthetic. One of the most popular pieces in this range are the Super Skinny Fit Tapered jeans which have a chemical stone wash finish which is a key look for Spring/Summer10.
For a little bit cheaper, the £19.99 bracket features four new washes in the Relax Fit Straight Jeans using textiles and denim from world-renowned manufactures.
Lastly, using 100% cotton, the £19.99 range is a lightweight summer alternative to the heavier denim styles that UJ offer. This fantastic line, which is such a bargain too, has eight colours for us guys in the Regular Fit Straight line.

On top of this, UJ will release newly designed jeans every month from this month that reflects the latest trends but with a unique Uniqlo twist and design. For guys, the styles will include Skinny Fit Biker Jeans, Skinny Fit Zip Jeans and Slim Fit Straight Check Jeans, priced at £29.99! That is a damn good price for changeable fashion, as such is the fast pace of trends makes it easier to access.

Lastly, if your chosen jeans are a little long in the leg (most are for me, being about 5'8) there is a complimentary in-store-same-day alteration service. Now who else can boast basic couture for under £60!
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