Terry Richardson x Aldo

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When Terry Richardson shoots Sean Opry for Aldo, you just know the shots are not going to be dull - or as Aldo say, so sunny, you'll get a tan just looking at them.  From Cabo to Coney Island, from Saint-Tropez to the English Riviera, the beach evokes a sense of freedom and fun - a symbol of summer that pretty much everyone loves. I took a trip this weekend to the coast as we are having incredible weather in the UK at the moment, but Aldo, unlike me, didn't go to the shore for their spring/summer campaign, they took the irreverent approach and had it come to them. Photographer Terry Richardson pulled together some of his favorite beach icons, picked a couple models with his favorite summertime smiles, and started snapping away. 

Take a look at the video above, staring the divine Sean Opry who is the all-American male model, an everyboy from Nowhere, Georgia with the cheekbones of a Norse God. Discovered on Facebook (he is not on mine, shamefully) and, in 2009, he was named Forbes’ most successul male model.

He, I think, is the prefect male face of the SS11 theme 'Life’s a Beach' and illustrator So Me helped bring the beach to life. So Me is the Parisian graphics genius, Ed Banger Records Art Director, and video master behind the look of music’s names-to-know Justice, MGMT, Kid Cudi and Kanye West. 
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