I am Back Again

Style : Hi friends,
I am sorry for the lack of posts for the last three days. I have been on a small vacation to a famous Bulgarian mountain resort called Borovets. We stayed there for 2 nights and today I am back home. I am very proud of myself because I climbed the highest top on Bulgaria called Musala (it is situated in the Rilla mountain and it is 2925m high).
We also went to Sofia when we went back. I did a little shopping there in Mall of Sofia. I will show you more pics from my little shopping tour tomorrow.
Now, enjoy my pictures from Rilla mountain!

Part I
pictures taken from the road from Varna to Sliven
they remind me of Toscana, Italy a little, don't you think so?
beautiful house in the forest of Borovets. the name of the house is "in the ship"
small cafe in the center of Borovets

to be continued......
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