Hillier Accessories that Sparkle

Style : They are some of the hottest accessories of the season, with Henry Holland a fan, owning a bunny and a custom-made crocodile.

Hillier is the personal jewelry line by Katie Hillier who is a leading accessories designer that has worked with labels such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Loewe, Salvatore Ferragamo, Giles and House of Holland to name a few.

White Gold Bunny with Violet Diamond.

I really, really, really, love this range of pieces as they are incredibly unique, but also so simple and stylized which make an impact. Their simplistic lines highlight the quality of the workmanship as well as the stones but also portrays a desirable naivety that is incredibly popular. Simple, classic and just divine.

Rose Gold Bunny with Claret Diamond.

Hillier launched with the 0.1 bunny paper clip necklace that has become one of the most covetable pieces of jewelry ever to have launched in London. Why? Because each bunny is handcrafted using 18ct gold with a stunning diamond eye. It is then placed on a 18ct gold chain which features a makers logo lozenge tag, and can be worn individually or grouped together to make a deeper impression.

Black Gold Bunny with White Diamond.

The brilliant Hillier has developed her line further with a whole group of animals, featuring a mouse, squirrel, owl, snail and a dachshund - or as I like to call them, a sausage dog. They come in a range of precious metals such as white, yellow and pink gold with a variety of coloured diamonds, such as black, navy and claret, as their sparking eyes that give them a personality.

Image by Toby McFarlan Pond.

Hillier is stocked at some of the hottest stores in London; Dover Street Market, Matches Wimbeldon and Matches Notting Hill as well as my favourite store, Collete, in Paris.
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