Courtney MC: London's Hottest New Talent

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Courtney MC is the new label from Royal College of Art student - and soon to be graduate - Courtney McWilliams. Her debut collection is mostly menswear but this isn't her first acclaim in design. For McWilliams has been involved with many indsutry projects, with labels such as sports brand Umbro and one of the worlds most exclusive outfitters; Brioni.

Her debut collection, due to be shown in June, is themed around reinventing the key pieces that men, universally, cannot live without. She has a flair for the eclectic; mixing street with luxury, masculinity with femininity, and quirky with sophisticated and isn't afraid to be frank about her fascination with chavs.

McWilliams was featured in Vogue Italia in 2009 as one of 140 international up-and-coming designers, and she does fail to deliver beautifully wearable pieces. I love her pieces, and it is some of the best work and design skill from not only a graduate, but from a London based designer. One to watch I think...
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