Bond Street Up For Sale?

Style : Some people collect coins, some people collect frogs but I, in an echo of Confessions of a Shopaholic, collect designer shopping bags. However, the time has now come to part with my extensive collection, a third of what it used to be! It represents nearly 10 years of blood, sweat and credit cards, and if there was one thing that would make a SA (Shopaholics Anonymous) leader cringe, it would be this.

Some of those listed as 'Old Design' are just that; no longer produced so you are getting a fine piece of history. Some are also holiday specials and one Gucci, is the Tom Ford Era black with silver logo. To purchase any of the sets below please email me at the address to your right. I would consider selling the whole lot, so please email me an offer.

Most are all in Very Good Condition however some have the stickers on, and some are a little worn, but nothing is damaged.

Exclusively Orange

Hermes (XL) with hand held pochette £15 + p&p

Diamonds are a Girls, and boys, Best Friend

Tiffany (L), Cartier (M), Asprey (M), Garrard (M) £10+p&p

The American Collection

Marc Jacobs (XL) Marc by Marc Jacobs (L), Marc Jacobs (M) Barneys NY (M) £10+p&p

Best of British

Cricket (M), Chloe (M), Highgrove House (M), John Lobb (L) £6+p&p

The Classic Collection

Longchamp (XL) , Joseph (XL), Ralph Lauren (XL), Beretta (XL) £10+p&p

Classic Old Bond Street Favourites

Old Design Salvatore Ferragamo (M), New Design Salvatore Ferragamo (L), Old Design Dolce and Gabbana (L) £6+p&p

Ladies Who Lunch

MaxMara (S), Lora Piana (S), Emporio Armani (S), Smythson (S) £5+p&p

Crème de la crème of Bond Street

Gold Dolce and Gabbana (S), Chanel (M), Louis Vuitton (M), Old Versace (M) £10+p&p

London's Finest

Red Vivienne Westwood (L), pinky Vivienne Westwood (M), Dior Homme (L), Old Design Selfridges (L) £10+p&p

Too Cool for School

Year Zero (M), Old Design Selfridges (L), Kokon to Zai (M), Dior Homme (L) Voyage (XXL) £15+p&p

Wham, Glam, Grazia Ma'am

Tom Ford Era Gucci (L), Holiday Special Gucci (M), Prada (M) £25+p&p
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