Bologna x L'Inde Le Palais x Eugenio Recuenco

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Bologna, Italy; home of the world's leading leather fair and a reputation for excellent food. Last week, I took a trip to the north Italian city for said leather fair and to meet up with Real Nob, two of the biggest bloggers in Italy. They took me to the L'Inde Le Palais 10th Birthday party but more of that later. Enjoy the stunning architecture and the beautiful colours...

L'Inde Le Palais is one of Bologna's and Europe's most influential boutiques and it was a pleasure to attend. Situated in the uber cool Via de Musei, I was introduced to the owner and had a chat with London based womenswear designer David Koma and fashion photographer Eugenio Recuenco. His English was not great, but we communicated through broken local languages and Real Nob! He also did the below installation for the boutique which was just around the corner from the party - it was a very conceptual way of showing some of his work. Also at the event was Diego Dolcini, Giuseppe Zanotti, Maurizio Pecoraro, Gareth Pugh, and Alain Quilici, and also jewelry designer's Emanuele Bicocchi, Goti and Ugo Cacciotori.

I had an aweome night with the Real Nob, and can not wait to see them again in Florence and Milan during July. 

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