1205 at Oki-Ni

Style : Oki-Ni has long championed the worlds most fashion forward and exciting designers that push the boundaries of style and captivate thousands of fashion followers.
In their new feature 'New Faces', they have bought brands whose collections stand up to those produced by more established designers, and also feel that that the industry is not giving them the platform they deserve to showcase their talent.

One such designers is Paula Gerbase behind the '1205' label. A graduate of Central Saint Martins in London, she worked for Alistair Carr and Gareth Pugh before she began a tailoring training program with stalwart and King of Savile Row, Hardy Aimes. From there she went onto work for Kilgour, and since leaving launched this debut collection, entitled 'One'.

These two pieces below are stunning, and are unisex which opens up her audience without compromising on style or quality. They are what you see them to be, with no pretension, which for me, is a fantastic edge to have.

Silk scarf in a black, grey and white cloudy print, which measures 52” x 60” from here.

Unstructured navy cardigan blazer that hangs loosely with no fastening from here.

1205 have also produced his captivating and artistic video to represent their brand, showcasing the entire collection and showing the ideology behind the brand, as well as how to wear it.

Another fantastic designer is Omar Kashoura, who has been guided by Lulu Kennedy amongst other industry insiders - coincidently, one of them is my old tutor from university. He has given a fantastic interview here, take the time to read it as it gives a fascinating insight into not only his world, but the London fashion scene too.
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