The Factory

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Ronda Walker is a twenty-year fashion veteran who changed the face of the industry in 2001 with the Pool tradeshow. Since then, she has followed that sucess with the launch of The Factory, the first community- centered virtual tradeshow. It features an easy to use shopping network for the fashion industry - one of the first of it's kind - and a B2B solution that includes and supports consumer e-commerce. 

The Factory is now open to everyone, meaning the  'public', which gives them a front row pass, seated next to premier International designers and retailers participating in the digital runway. The inspired collaboration of The Factory is being referred to as the Facebook for the fashion industry, capturing the now normal social network culture. Designers can build their digital storefront, hang their designs and upload catalog images in less time it takes to pack the collection - and a suitcase -  for a tradeshow. Retailers can now shop in less than an hour, what used to take four days to achieve.

This really is an exciting new site so take some time out from Facebook to network within the industry that has captured us all. 
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