LA VOL. 2: Isabella Wolfe, Rodeo Drive & Moods of Norway

Style : It was quite the Anglo-American gathering at the Isabella Wolfe launch at Niche on Beverly Boulevard as I, Jodie Harsh (who was DJ'ing) and our friend Jo Berryman attended.

Jodie and Jo

The store was a buzz with friends and clients, surrounded by some of the most incredible pieces of interior and exterior furniture as well as art work. Isabella Wolfe is no exception in terms of quality and desirability, though I have a very deep feeling that the stunning bed will not be within my reach for MANY years to come ($10,000). Same for the marble dining table and the bed-side table too - I didn't want to ask the price of the white marble table!

There is something quite different about LA events, as they are far more relaxed and do go on for some time - but in a good way. They are also a lot more sociable, with a great volume of music that means you can chat and just relax. We would have stayed longer except we had to get up to Santa Monica (below) but my best to Nicole at Wolfe and Robina at the gallery.

A Couple of Mannequins: Robbie and I in the window at Niche.

Earlier on in the day, I fulfilled my life-long dream of actually going to Rodeo Drive, and just soaking up the 'Pretty Woman' atmosphere. However, it is a very troubling time in Beverly Hills as well, no one is shopping. Yes, one of the greatest and probably most famous street in the world is not performing well. Whilst we spotted the odd Arabian shopper and confirmed bachelor (read into that what you will) it was pretty much dead. I dropped into Smythson of Bond Street, which was a skeleton store, and was informed it was closing two days later as American's didn't really know about it, and it was under performing.

The Steps at Rodeo

But one area that is far from waning is Robertson Boulevard, and in particular Moods of Norway. A great brand that is not, as far as I can see, available in the UK. Fun, sassy-like -your-sister and just the right side of comical, I picked up these really cute sneakers for $40 - usually $280. They are 'dancing shoes' and the inside tongue has a a little dance step instruction. Reason? Samples. And just my luck they were samples. My friend Robbie loved them too - but as a size 9.5 he was out of luck.

And I was in.
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