LA VOL. 1: New Balance Sonic Collection Launch

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It helps having a substantial number of readers on the West Coast (as well as a VERY British accent), but LSoD was fully embraced in Los Angeles. And this event was no exception as I was invited to the launch of these New Balance sneakers.

It was a bit of a rush, but we drove up from WeHo (West Hollywood) to Santa Monica, a stunning coastal town/city that is a suburb of LA. Fred Segal was hosting the event that was a hive of some of the coolest kids in LA, not to dissimilar from an East London crowd.

Robert, Myself, Dillon

They took some finding, but the sneakers were positioned on a floating shelf that, once you put your hand close, made some of the freakiest high-pitched sounds. The collection is the Sonic 574 collection that has an innovative construction of welding, rather than an environmental unfriendly sewing or gluing. This process also makes the shoe airtight and watertight, which is pretty much a first for athletic sneakers.

The design of the sneaker is pretty much as expected, but has a futuristic and modern edge.

Whilst I didn't pick up a pair, I did pick up this, a really cute necklace moulded into the words 'Los Angeles'. No, it wasn't on sale at Fred Segal, but it was on the neck of a girl we got talking to. It apparently came from a thrift stall in a market in Downtown, and seeing as it wasn't possible to go, I blurted out I would offer her $10. As you can see, it's on my neck, not hers, so the deal was sealed with a sawbuck and a glass of wine.

A great little gift from the city of Angels.
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