LA Diary: Guns, Germs and Steal

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Wallets are, for a man, something that is carefully chosen according to size, specification, detail and often, with a subtle sense of luxury. Gun, Germs and Steal is an incredible Los Angeles based label who is ran by two, 22 year old girls Smiley Stevens and Philippa Price. Together they make wallets, made from brass and lined with all reclaimed leather or found fabric so no two wallets are the same. The fabric and leather will vary based on what they have at the time, but they tend to stay within three categories - Brown Leather, Pendleton/Native American, and Plaid. 

But what makes them ultimately great is their freshness and the embossing of the rap lyrics into the brass outer face. This is something I have never seen before and with 'Green For Da Money, Gold For Da Honey' which really makes me smile - and want one. 

They have shot this amusing photo shoot, for which there is more, which captures a great LA spirit and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. The palm trees in the background whilst the couple hang out in a black coupe is a typically romantic image which has a great edge, made true with the soft line yet quintessential Californian styling. 

Presented fantastically, scroll down to see some of the range, their interior linings and then check out the shop here.

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