LA Diary: Beverly Center x Fashions Night Out 2011

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image: the beverly centre
With most Fashion Week's not long ended and the Royal Wedding still being talked about, Fashion's Night Out (FNO) seems a long time away. The global event, headed by Anna Wintour of Vogue USA, aimed to kick start people shopping again in the wake of the global recession. 
However, the third (two more than was originally planned) FNO has been confirmed for THURSDAY 8th SEPTEMBER in Los Angeles, which was one of the most successful and attending cities within the initiative. Anna would be proud...
More over, representatives of the Beverly Centre in Beverly Hills is on hand, once again, to be the hub of LA's FNO events as well as trying to beat the 25,000 attendance of last year. This year really is set to be big, with FNO in the Beverly Hills and WeHo (West Hollywood) areas complete with food trucks, runway shows and the odd Ferris wheel. 
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