Collect London

Style : I currently have no t-shirts. Well, my best ones suitable for sunny days are in a bag nicely washed and ironed ready to go to LA (more on that later this week). But it really highlights how we just wear the same items of clothing over, and over. But on Friday, I got an email from Collect London - a new brand that has a treasure trove of limited edition tee's that are not expensive at all.

It looks like they have the prefect fit, something that some producers really don't accomplish but they have really taken care of the cut, fabric and finish. And the designs come in plain, patterned or printed, and in a range of fits. That's slim for me...

The latest range entitled 'Folk Fantasy', each collection is created around a different theme each season, features prints from designers such as Robert Cary-Williams and Vivian Bruges-Von Pfuel. Cary-Williams is one of London's most established designers but has been off the fashion radar of late.

Here is my pick of what Collect has to offer.

White Slim Fit t-shirt £17.50

Hollow Shallowness Limited to 100 £30.00

Concrete Heat Limited to 100 £30.00

Skinted £30.00
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