ASOS Festival Fashion

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ASOS goes from strenght to strength - not that it was any where less than brilliant anyway - and is a great one-stop shop for summer looks. I had a welcome email from them peddling their festival wares and thought it was a bit preempted however passing the Glastonbury Festival site latley, a hive of activity at Worthy Farm signals the season really is begining to start. 

After being at Glasto last year, if the weather is similar as then, shorts will be an essential item (not to be worn with wellies - leave them at home people, and then rush to a stall to buy some if it rains heavily). Embrace the colour blocking-cum-dip dye trend with the stripy shirt or the hyper-real, 90s printed vest that was seen at the recent Camden Crawl event in north London. Finish it off with a really nice nautitical back-pack to complete the look.

So, will it be Glasto, Leeds or Reading festival for you this year? 

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