Under The Influence Launch

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Last weekend, it was models and hott creatives galore at the Under The Influence issue launch in Hackney. The issue is based around former Prime Minister and fashion icon Margaret Thatcher, in which there is academic, cultural and comical references to her legacy. The womenswear is mostly from the greatest British designer, Vivienne Westwood, who was prolific particularly in the Thatcher era.

The launch, held in a gallery space, saw a projection of the magazine with a small exhibition of prints from the various shoots taken for the publication. Mingling around with Double Pink gin, who sponsored the event, were a host of musicans, creative PR's, East London faces and models. One of which was Jethro Cave, who after having a couple of drinks with him, began horsing around with model/photographer Cosmo MacDonald, who kindly took a portrait of me and a friend.

Forgive the snaps, my BlackBerry was playing up and my friend Vikram was getting progressively 'more jolly and less steady''. Read into that what you will! Enjoy!

Jethro Cave and friend.

The very lovely Cosmo MacDonald.

Gallery owner Michal Gnilka

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