Mr Porter x Abbeyhorn

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They are items from a refined and forgot time but Abbeyhorn has been making luxury lifestyle accessories out of specially selected horn and natural animal materials for over 250 years. Shoe-horns are items which not only help put a shoe on properly, but gives an indication of how someone cares for footwear and gives a nod to how gentlemen acessorise.  Hand-crafted in the Lake District by skilled horn-carvers using traditional artisan methods, the products are ethically-sourced and completely biodegradable - but why would you dispose of this stunning piece of craft? Due to the natural variations in colouring and texture, every Abbeyhorn item is unique.

What is exciting is that today Mr Porter adds Abbeyhorn shoe horns to its collection of stylish menswear essentials. It is undoubtedly elegant, tactile and functional and unlike some other 'special' pieces that are enormously expensive, the Abbeyhorn shoe horns start at £20, with an extra special stag handle option available for £65.

Perfect for Fathers Day in a fortnight or just a stylish piece for yourself. 

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