Maxililian Wiedemann x Fabien Castanier Gallery

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Robert, LSoD writer for LA found himself one of the guest of honours at the Fabien Castanier Gallery at the weekend at the launch for the solo show of British pop- art sensation Maximilian Wiedemann titled “Pump Up the Valium”. The exhibiton is a superb offering for LA and will feature brand new works by German-born London-based Wiedemann, including collaborative pieces with mega celebrity photographer, Tyler Shields. 

The exhibition features a range of mixed media on canvas, silkscreens, neon sculptures, stenciled artworks and several spectacular installations. The show exemplifies Wiedemann’s philosophy about fame, money and celebrity status- a commentary on all things Hollywood. He says, “It’s about pills, and beauty, and vanity, and women taking blades to their faces,” and he will be incorporating 25,000 pills into his new works. Focusing on status symbols, the interplay of sex and money in contemporary society and America’s obsession with “celebrity and media hungry bitches”, there is not a more appropriate location for Wiedemann’s West Coast debut than Los Angeles.

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