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On Sunday afternoon, I skulked around Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court 2 in West London to hunt out my picks of the best menswear graduates of 2011. What I noticed this year was an increase in menswear designers and the sheer talent of this years students, unrivaled in recent times. I hope you enjoy the looks and interviews... 

Name, age and programme of study. 
My name is Stuart Chapman, aged 22, & I have recently graduated from the BA Fashion Menswear course at Middlesex University.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?
The main inspiration behind the collection was centred around Nomadism & hermitage, with a strong emphasis on Outerwear. I also referenced a lot of functional & practical clothing in my research as this is predominantly what I centre my design work around

What is the story behind your collection? 
In terms of design work I wanted to create a collection that as well as being aesthetic was also highly functional, something I believe is crucial to good menswear design. I centred the collection largely around the coats & jackets all of which are constructed in waterproof fabrics with waterproof linings, rendering them suitable for functional use. In terms of the rest of the collection the garments silhouettes themselves are relatively simple with a stronger emphasis on the details within each piece, notable the pockets & fastenings. The bag the models wear are suit-bags that double up as backpacks. The design for this came about after discussing how a lot of workers in London cycle to & from work & have no real way of carrying their uniform in a clean, flat manner. Again the design was focused around an idea based on functionality.

Who the collection is aimed at? 
I don't have a set market range for the collection as such I believe it could be relevant to most age groups. As I was designing it I aimed it to be worn by a man who was constantly on the go &  requires clothing that act almost like a mobile home, offering storage & protection, something I tried to reflect in the design of the coats.

What you want to do in the future? 
Ideally I would like to continue with my own collections & be able to work for myself but that's not so easy as it sounds. In the near future I intend to work for other companies with a similar design aesthetic to my own, in order to further my understanding of the specialism I have chosen to pursue. 

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