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On Sunday afternoon, I skulked around Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court 2 in West London to hunt out my picks of the best menswear graduates of 2011. What I noticed this year was an increase in menswear designers and the sheer talent of this years students, unrivaled in recent times. Over the coming days, I will be giving you a look at their collections and a short interview about their work, them and the future. 

Name, age and programme of study. 
My name is Samantha Wood, I'm 24 and studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design Innovation at University for the Creative Arts in Epsom.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?
I was inspired by a selection of colour photographs from the Great Depression during the late 1930's and early 1940's. I loved that images that would usually be seen in black and white were brightly coloured and full of pattern and textiles as well as hand crafts such as embroidery and patchwork. I enjoy looking at American culture and interpreting it with my British point of view.

What is the story behind your collection? 
I decided to design simple, loose and slouchy 1940's work wear inspired pieces that were full of colour and pattern instead of plain blue denim. I experimented with textiles to enhance my designs by creating my own floral prints and using spray paint to alter existing ones. I enjoy mixing feminine aspects and textile ideas that would not usually been seen in Menswear. My favourite look is the double floral outfit with light blue linen jacket which was also chosen by GFW to represent them. I was also able to experiment with accessories in this collection which has opened my eyes to another fashion pathway. 

Who the collection is aimed at? 
I think my collection would sit best in the boutique section in Urban Outfitters as it is aimed at 20-30 year olds who are bold and confident in there fashion choices who appreciate simple garment shapes with interesting textile approaches and details.

What is the price point of the collection? 
I would say the jackets would be priced £175-£250 depending on the style, shirts would be around £100, and trousers around £150

What you want to do in the future? 
In the future I would love to work in a design team for a London based menswear designer however would also love to gain experience on a more high street level. At the moment though I am hoping to gain experience with some intern-ships and work placements.

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