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On Sunday afternoon, I skulked around Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court 2 in West London to hunt out my picks of the best menswear graduates of 2011. What I noticed this year was an increase in menswear designers and the sheer talent of this years students, unrivaled in recent times. 

Name, age and programme of study? 
My name is Samantha Chapman, I'm 26 and just finished my BA(hons) in Fashion Innovation at the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom.

What is the inspiration beind your collection?
The main inspirations behind the collection began with the idea of paper dress-up dolls and photography of children from around the 1970s. 

What is the story behind your designs?
When designing the collection, the main aspect of design was that every garment was just a front and back. I liked the idea of taking a 2D flat shape and making it into a 3D garment, so for instance instead of a seperate sleeve the front incorporated the sleeve and then gussets were added for more movement as with the trousers. The imagery from the 1970's was the inspiration behind the colour, design features such as contrasting yokes and fabric choice. I decided to make this a corduroy collection, as well as clashing the colours I mixed it with a patterned wool and a fun dinosaur print cotton to incorporate a little more fun into the collection, which is something I try to achieve as a designer.

Who is the collection is aimed at?
I would say this collection is aimed a fun fashion conscious male between the ages of 19-25 with a desire to look a little different, almost quirky and who isn't afraid to mix colours and fabrics. It's difficult to place my garments in the market but feel it would appeal on a commercial level within high street brands such as Topshop or Urban Outfitters. 

What is the price point of the collection?
Prices would range from around £50 for a shirt, £70 for trousers, £30 for shorts and £100 for jackets. 

What you want to do in the future?
For now travelling and gaining any experience in the fashion industry is a priority. I would love to work within the design team of any high street brand but would ideally like to travel and work abroad, preferably in New York. Eventually I would like to start up my own business once I have gained some more experience and knowledge within the industry.

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