Graduate Fashion Week x Rasha Swais

Style :

Name, age and programme of study? 
My name is Rasha Swais, I am 21 and studied Fashion at Middlesex Uni London.  

What is the inspiration beind your collection?
I love historical youth cultures, the rebelliousness, the way it forms, I looked at two of my favorite the skinheads and the mods, but also to spice it up Japanese style, narrowing it down to the traditional kimono. 
What is the story behind your collection? 
My main motivation for designing mens clothes is as i want to create the perfect modern day man. Proposing effort for mans image as it has been demolished over the years. Men should be beautiful again.  

Who the collection is aimed at?
Client wise, anyone who is for standing out, and looking and feeling like a new person, in a good way of course. Store some kind of boutique, that you find spontaneously and try to keep a secret as its so beautiful...
What is the price point of the collection?
 Make me an offer. 

What you want to do in the future?
 Carry on creating, keep working on my own designing, as well as collaborate. I am hoping to make a short film this summer launching the new new collection! 

To get in touch with Rasha, please email me at the address at the top of the page. 
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