Graduate Fashion Week x Juuhau Zane

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Name, age and programme of study?
My name is Juuhau Zane, I am 22, a graduate student from Winchester School of Art, Textile Fashion and Fiber course.

What is the Inspiration behind the collection?
My collection is inspired by the music movement Grunge and following in depth the subculture groups; teenage rebellion, voice of liberation, individualization and distinctive identities.I tried to reflect all of above on my collection. 

What is the story behind my collection? 
I would say there is a spirit behind this collection rather than a story. I turely believe that clothes are the second skin of human and also the extension of personalities.To rebel with senses, to speak up loud through appearances, to break boundaries with courage, to free your soul and style. Similar to the motivation behind grunge music movement, i intent to portray the same in my collection.

Who is your collection aimed at?
There is no age boundary for my collection, I can see teenagers dwelling in brick lane wearing my clothes, underground kids party in my clothes, even mid-age musician jamming songs with them on. it is a grunge deluxe collection. My target store will be KTZ and Machine-A, b-store, Dover street market.


What is the price point of the collection? 
I honestly have not thought about selling out any pieces in my collection yet, unless I am totally broke or meet the perfect wearer for them. If I need to set a price for them, range will likely be around 300 - 3000 GBP, as there are various kind of garments.

What plans do you have for the future? 
I am taking a year or two off to work and gain experiences; internship, part-time job, etc. After that I will do my MA, then see where it lead me to.

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