Graduate Fashion Week x Jonathan Jepson

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Name, age and programme of study?
Jonathan Jepson, 22, BA (HONS) Fashion Design, DeMontfort University,

What is the inspiration behind your collection? 
The inspiration for this collection is a concept of fear and remembering fears from my childhood.

What is the story behind your collection? 
My collection progressed the way a story would each outfit represents a different stage in the story.

Who is the collection aimed at?
My collection is aimed at men age 21-30 who are willing to stand out and who are comfortable in there fashion choices.

What is the price point of the collection? 
The price point of this collection is mid-way i would say the lowest cost pieces is £120 and the highest is £4260 being the swarovski crystal jumper.

What are your plans for the future?
I would love to go into menswear editorial styling for magazines but at the moment i'd be happy with any creative job.

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