Graduate Fashion Week x Bram Van Diepen

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This is the last designer from my picks of Graduate Fashion Week 2011, Bram from Amsterdam. We met in Paris a few years back and did the whole add on Facebook thing afterwards, and I have followed his progress with great interest. It was a great surprise to hear he was showing at GFW and had to share his collection, and all the others which I thought amazing, with you. 

Name, age and programme of study? 

Bram van Diepen, 21, BA International Fashion & Design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute

What is the inspiration behind your collection? 
It is a collection of menswear with influences of 1940s army wear and American sportswear, researching volumes and exaggerating proportions. A collection with an understanding of the past, but with its eyes firmly set on the future. With quilting, padding and bonding, an exploration into new techniques in finishing, construction and fabric combinations, it tells of the twisted coming of age of a boy proving his masculinity. 

What is the story behind your collection? 
I try to find balance between fantasy and men's reality, between what I want and what others want without compromising my own esthetic. I aim for high fashion designs with an outspoken, fun touch.

Who the collection is aimed at? 
Men who feel confident about their masculinity, aren't afraid to show off and be seen but can also appreciate subtlety in fashion. The collection would fit best in high end boutiques.

What is the price point of the collection? 
Prices range from approximately £120 to £1500, just like the collection range varies from cotton boxer shorts to embroidered silk shirts and leather jackets.

What you want to do in the future? 
I will take a year or two to gain experience and broaden my horizon in fashion before I will get my MA degree.

To contact Bram, please email me at the address at the top of the page. 
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