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On Sunday afternoon, I skulked around Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court 2 in West London to hunt out my picks of the best menswear graduates of 2011. What I noticed this year was an increase in menswear designers and the sheer talent of this years students, unrivaled in recent times. Enjoy...

Name, age and programme of study? 

My name is Avanti Bidikar, I am 21 and studied at the University for the Creative Arts Epsom. 

What is the inspiration beind your collection?

 The concept behind my collection is an exploration of the ‘ideal masculinity’ and the clichés surrounding it. My starting point was looking at Hollywood hunks from the 50’s such as James Dean and Marlon Brando who were often thought of as specimens of ideal masculinity. I then juxtaposed this idea with an exploration of Hindu deities who are also considered perfect examples of masculinity. My collection is meant to be a humorous and light hearted take on the idea of ‘peacock males’ and the image of a ‘perfect man’ dreamt up by both men and women, thus giving my collection the name ‘The Divine Lover’.

What is the story behind your designs?
 The designs themselves are a literal head on collision of classic 50’s menswear and Indian traditional wear. The garments consist of classics such as the Brando Jacket, the Harrington jacket, loose fit trouser and white vests mixed with traditional Indian dhotis, prints and embellishments. The peacock prints and textiles come from the ageless image of a ‘peacock male’. Along with menswear I am greatly interested in print and unusual textiles, such as the layered organza peacock feathers moulded together to create my sleeveless jacket and the fusion of gold organza to denim for my motorcycle jacket.

Who the collection is aimed at?
 My ideal customer would range from the age of 20-30 and would have a taste for extravagant pieces to mix in to their wardrobes.  My client would be a confident man who appreciates bold prints and bright colours. I think my collection would sit well somewhere like The Shop at Bluebird.

What is the price point of the collection?

 The T-shirts and vests would probably range between £75-£85, the shirts £100-125 the more simple trousers, jeans and shorts would range between £175-200. The jackets would be priced depending on the workmanship that has gone into the garment, the suit jacket would be around £225, the Printed jacket and motorcycle would be around £300 and the peacock jacket would go up to £450.

What you want to do in the future?
 For the moment I want to gather as much work experience as a can, working for both commercial and luxury brands, and to generally carry on building my knowledge of menswear and fashion as a whole. Hopefully at some point I would like to expand my studies with a Masters, but my ultimate goal is to work for a high end fashion house as a garment or print designer.

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