Graduate Fashion Week x Alistair Smith

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Although I said Bram from Amsterdam was my last GFW designer, Alistair is. His collection is facinating, so enjoy the short interview and of course, the images. 

Name, age and program of study?

Alistair Smith, 23, Northumbria Uni  -Fashion marketing

What is the inspiration behind your collection?

Early 70's thru-hikers on the west coasts Pacific Crest Trail. Specifically looking at the primitive early outdoor gear, customized sportswear & army surplus gear that the thru hikers used on their 2,600 mile journey. The Pacific Crest collection is a modern interpretation of this gear, utilizing authentic fabrics and styles with modern pattern cutting techniques and an updated fit. 

What is the story behind your collection? 

Each design is different, but focuses on keeping the wearer comfortable. All details on the garments are functional details, although the collection is certainly a fashion interpretation of the 'pure' outdoor aesthetic, the garments are very much ready to wear. 

Who the collection is aimed at?

A wanderer, curious gentleman, unkempt, daydreaming, exploring, documenting, conversationist, always disappearing, keeps strange company, enjoys the simple things, spicy mango fish curry, drawing insects, smokes a pipe, dirty hotel in Delhi, old faded tattoos, Cointreau ginger ale & lime, stories from Madagascar, fake passport, strange goings on in the night, Iranian lady friend, asleep in reception, friends in Cork, drunk in the swimming pool, cavorting with the receptionist, lost his hat, taking some photos - type of guy. 

What is the price point of the collection?

Blazers around £200, Outerwear £300 - £500, Shirts £80 - £120

What you want to do in the future? 

Get a job, travel around a bit, enjoy my new found freedom, thru-hike the trail & get the collection into production, nothing huge but i'd like to see it through to the end and have it available for people to buy. 

If you want to contact Alistair, please email me at the address at the top of the page. 
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