Bob Cousy Lo All-American Sneakers

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It is not often that sneaker brands launch a heritage line, unlike apparel labels such as Halston, but one that is of special note is the Bob Cousy Lo All-American. Originally released in 1956, BOB COUSY LO ALL-AMERICAN was originally released in 1956, the rare basketball low top, as apposed to baseball shoes, they were worn by the sports first superstar, Bob Cousy.

A ledgend in his own right, and the basketball equivalent of baseballs Chuck Taylor (who Converse named their shoes after) so these really are a once in a lifetime statement or collectors sneaker. They come in red canvas, as well as natural, black, navy, light grey, and ivory and are available at Neiman Marcus in the USA. I know, sort of bad times for us Brits, but at $70 they are pretty much a steal, plus a little bit extra for the NM International shipping.

The sneakers have a one-of-a-kind Gullwing Closure™, exlusive to this brand, and model-specific logo markings as well as a Posture Foundation insole. So not only will you look great, you can stand tall wearing them. What's more, they are light weight so are pretty ideal for the summer.

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