Bag a Marc B

Style : Second to sneakers, bags have me hooked. Short of owning an Hermes Birkin HAC (50cm in black please Hermes PR's) I have a few satchels, weekend bags but very few companies, except H by Harris, really hit the design spot.

However, last week I met the PR for Marc B bags who was telling me about the mens range and it's influences, as well as it's popularity of those in the know. What's great about them is that they are reasonable - all under £50 - and although may not be made from high grade leather that have been hand crafted in Italy, there is a certain look about them that is highly attractive.

The quilting trend has been upon us for quite a while now, first with jackets and then accessories, but it's hott. The Taylor comes in black, which I prefer, or a khaki, which is great for going to work with, or a small weekend bag. But considering my track record with excess baggage, I don't quite know what I would fit in there.

It's smaller brother, The Franklin is a shoulder bag for running around town in. Sometimes a satchel is a bit too big, so for items such as keys, wallet and phone, this is just the right size. Available black also, I really think this color works the best.

The Newton is described as an intelligent bag. I don't know why, but it has nods to Dior Homme's collection of spherical bags under Hedi Slimane. Spacious, a great style and a fantastic price, I rate this one highly.

The Tyler is a very classic weekend bag which is my personal pick. As a great overnight bag, it would not look too out of place alongside some high end accessory companies products. All available online, I hear they will soon be stocked in Topshop/Topman soon, so get one before everyone else finds out.
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