Arms in Ireland

Style : I have long said about, particularly in this economic climate, that pieces should be exclusive. Wether that is by a high price tag or, more preferably, by little tell-tale signs that identify the label to other admirers of the brand. One such label is Arms, a brand that has come out of Ireland and taken Europe by storm.

It looks like a simple grey sweater, but look closer at the mid-area, it has a really great squared detail. That's what I'm talking about - no obvious or ostentatious logo's but a little detail goes a long way.

With a look of the 1960s with the small collar and short body, this shirt is simple, smart and stylized. The three button detail keeps the look clean too, without compromising on the semi-formal look.

More quirky than anything, but the little pencil slot gives this piece a 'cuteness' of geek-chic. A winner, I think.

I love the classic twist of the elbow patches on a contemporary sweater. It may hark back to my substitute Geography teacher, but this reminiscent twist is also practical as it is stylized.

Arms is available to buy at Aioi in Aichi, Japan; Coolhunter in Local Drcha, Spain; Bespoke Boutique in Norwich and Circus Store in Dublin.
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