AAA Topman x Mr Hare

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Mr Hare is one of the most desired and celebrated London shoe-makers of recent year and it is not hard to see why with his mainline collection. I call him a shoe-maker not a designer because his handmade shoes, although not all by him, are individually crafted which has given Mr Hare his enviable reputation.

His pieces, which retail in the most exclusive of locations over the world, are priced at a high £300 and upwards,  but this range by Mr Hare and Topman AAA will give buyers part of his magic for a fraction of the cost. Akin to designer collaborations that other brands have been famed for, this exciting collection launches in August and will to much fan-fare. 
The collection, which will form part of the AAA collection for the season contains styles which features both shoes, boots and high-top sneakers and will launch in two parts - the first at the end of August and the second at the end of October and will be available online and in the Oxford Circus, New York and Chicago stores. Lucky USA! 

Mr Hare's attention to detail is well known within his mainline collection and this attribute is not ignored here as each element has had the Hare eye and treatment. His brand was born out of a love for the great and the aesthetic and this is combined here with a fantastic price. Talking of price, they range from around £80 up to £110. 

I like Mr Hare's (real name Marc Hare) quote to Topman which sums up the heart of his designs and reason for producing; "I never understood why girls had all the fun when it came to shoes, especially, as when it comes down to it, he who rocks the illest chaussures is always the one they want to talk to, so seeing my shoes up in the AAA line and knowing that more guys are going to get their shoe game together, means a lot to me. Thank you Topman! 

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