Visual Tales of the Reckless

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Visual Tales is a newcomer to the online publishing world, but the menswear publication is fast becoming a popular favourite. The first issue, as well as this, is a celebration of reckless youth, as well as angst and rebellion. These in turn, are key words in the editorials lexicon, as well as being represented in the whole aesthetic.

Through conceptual to tell-it-like-it-is images and film shorts, the publication brings together leading creative talents and established models and personalities, resulting in collaborations of the highest order. The final outcome is intended to inform, to educate, to stimulate, and to inspire.

This photo shoot, previewing the AW10 collection by Siki Imparkchoonmoo, entitled Meet Mr. Speed, the photographer Leonard Greco captures the carefree and sexualized classicism, and social taboo, of the fast living youth. With references to religion, the collection has its ambiguous moments but is captured with a hott, and cheeky, sexual wink. It is worth sharing, because it has become on of my favorite magazines of late.

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