T4 on the Beach

Style : Well this weekend was quite an eventful one! After Circus with Jodie Harsh, with guest DJ Peaches, on Friday, it was off to the mildly sunny Weston-super-Mare in Somerset for T4 on the Beach. Presented by jameela jamil - who I was in the Grazia photo shoot with, the delectable Steve Jones and Nick Grimshaw, about fifty or so press were behind the scenes in a very glam tent.

However, towards the end of the afternoon, the lovely Joy Montgomery invited me into the VIP Gifting Lounge to 'sample' the goods. I say lounge, it's a market place of some the hottest brands from the UK, from fashion to beauty. But a very luxe market place.

The awesome Elroy from Timex presented me with this really eclectic watch from the new 'Iron Man' collection, which not only does everything, it's really easy to work unlike many other digital watches with a few hundred buttons. Plus I'm really liking the color, so a big thanks to Elroy.

Aston from JLS with his...

And fellow Grazia Future Face Ellie Goulding with hers...

If one watch was not enough, Kim from Storm was also lovely enough to let me have this one, the new Vesta. Light, a stunning cobalt blue and with date window, I can't wait to get two of the link removed so I can get it on my wrist! Of course, Storm Watches come from the highly successful Storm brand that lends itself to accessories, clothing, jewelry and more. Take a quick look at more of their ranges here.

I figured after all my hard work so far, I would try out a massage courtesy of Clare from Shared Beauty Secrets, using the new Lava Shells. A tropical shell that is chemically heated, the therapist massages you, teasing out all the aches, bumps and knots - something I was well in need of. It was divine! Clare mentioned they are getting the treatment in spa's around the UK, so check out your local one to see if they have it yet. Go on, it is utterly worth it.

Lastly, I was pounced upon by Elli and Kat from the uber cool brand Superdry. If you have not already heard of it, then take a look at the site here. Born in rural Gloucestershire, the brand is now a muli-million company that had Zac Efron, David Beckham and many other 'slebs as fans.

Relaxed, carefree and a cult brand that is still very, very hott, I can not thank them enough for the shirt (and the shorts, but they show a bit too much skin for LSoD) which is an incredible fit, as well as using a soft quality cotton. I will be buying a lot more in the near future.

So, after a few beers in the press tent, a bit of music from a pretty awesome selection of artists, and the perfect treatment from Joy and the brands, Sunday was a great day out by the seaside!
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