Last Style of Defense is 1 Year Old!

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Well, the time has flown by but Last Style of Defense was started one year ago today. What began, somewhat a hobby and part to keep my writing skill up (I have a BA Hons in Fashion Journalism) has exploded into one of the most read mens style blogs in the UK. The first post was about Louis Hamilton joining the campaigns for Marks and Spencer, and I have covered everything from hot model boys, sneakers, designer goodies and high street bargains.

LSoD has been featured in Grazia magazine, Grazia Daily, Etsy, numerous newspapers around the UK and in the USA, and will soon be in Company magazine, and on the H&M homepage. This coverage has been incredible in reaching a wider audience and I have been very lucky to have received so quickly. Furthermore, LSoD will be representing the blogging world at a talk I am giving for 70 fashion and beauty VIP's later this month which is very exciting and I hope assures people blogging is not a meaningless pursuit.

Between six and eight thousand people from the UK, USA, Asia, Australia, Africa and most of Europe read LSoD monthly, and it has been a pleasure to read your emails and comments. I have been very surprised, and flattered, by the response you all have given me, and who ever and where ever you are, thank you for clicking and reading - it's a cliche but true, without you LSoD would not be here. Every now and again, I click on the 'analytics' map and randomly choose a location, often wondering who lives in places with funny names in the middle of Kansas or Tibet (yes, I have a few readers in Tibet).

Also a big thank you to the PR's and designers from New York, LA, Paris, Milan and of course, London who have been kind enough to help me with images, information, launches and shows. Their patience and time is much appreciated and again, without them LSod would not be here, moreover I look forward to working with them for another year!

So here's to another year of men's style products, news and comment from London and beyond!

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