Going Dutch with Kim Bakker

Style : Holland, although famed for quirky and traditional items such as clogs and tulips, has also long been a country that produces some incredible design talents. From the wilds of Amsterdam to the flat spaces of Apeldoorn, creative talents, such as Kim Bakker; below, are bringing menswear back from the couture capitals, and back onto the streets.

This is the fifth time the Dutch designer has produced the NŌN by KIM collection, where by like past collections, the designs of 'UNCONTACTED' show the intriguing concepts and challenging master craftsmanship of contemporary menswear. What I think is amazing about Kim Bakker is the ability to reinterpret peoples vision of menswear and user her signature use of lines, abstractions and volumous silhouettes.

The collection and designer have given menswear a contemporary offering, to those who are creative thinkers. Moreover, each piece has a dedication to quality and almost a connection between designer and wearer.

The inspiration for the collection is vast but what shines through is the focus on contemporary art forms such as new media and interactive art. But what ever the inspiration, what ever the background and thinking, it is an aesthetically pleasing, and exciting offering from a great Dutch designer.

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