Vintage Iron Palace at My Wardrobe

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The other week, I reconnected with My-Wardrobe, partially with their new digital team who are in charge of us bloggers. Staying an hour more than I had accounted for, I was entranced by the stories behind the collections, most notably the exclusive Levi's Vintage AW10 collection jeans.

My-Wardrobe have been lucky enough to be the sole retailer for the special collection pieces, reproductions from the San Francisco Levi archives. But it is the 'Iron Palace Repaired Straight Jean' (above) that got me excited, not only because they are a stunning pair of jean, but because of the background story. I would put it into my own words, but will no doubt make a harsh of it, so here is a little bit from the ladies at My-Wardrobe.

The design came from an original 1940s pair of 501’s, which were found in a thrift store in Vancouver. The jeans were patched with the same fabric, indicating that the original was the second pair the owner had and had sacrificed his original to help keep his second alive; the damages and patches on the modern day Iron Palace are aged to a six month level of wear for authenticity. The name Iron Palace is the name of a famous brothel in Monterey, Levi Strauss’s home town and the building now stands as a bar on Main Street, Monterey.

The collection's nature means that all the pieces are one of a kind a produced in very low numbers, meaning that you have a real exclusive, maintaining their appeal. To shop the excellent line, click here.
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