Vaniloquence at Machine A / Fanny and Jessy

Style :  One of London's hottest stores, Machine A, was the host for the night on Wednesday for the screening of Fanny and Jessy's new short film, Vaniloquence. The unisex designers are one of the hottest duo in London at the moment, and their film stills below, directed by Danny Sangra, shows their forward thinking ideologies of modern design.

Their second collection is for an androgynous audience, communicated in the grungy yet polished garments that have a certain sporty look to them also. But what does shine through is the quality of work and attention to detail, using standard form yet premium materials such as knit, mesh, leather, denim, jersey and lycra.

Fanny and Jessy seem to offer an exciting and intricate alternative, which as seen in the film, is a look worth embracing.

To view the film click here.
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