Urban Outfitters

Style : Please forgive the lack of blogging, I have not been well. However, on Thursday before I was confined to the sofa, I visited the Urban Outfitters store on London's Oxford Street. To my surprise, the menswear section, down stairs, had been remodeled in only a matter of weeks.

The whole space looks a lot bigger with some pagoda style features, housing a selection of knitwear and t-shirts. It is very similar to the one in Colette in Paris, except Urban Outfitters is a lot cheaper, and that one is made of plastic.

Moreover, the space seems a lot clearer and easier to navigate with the jeans displayed up on a black board, which is a really stylish, yet simple, way to merchandise. The changing rooms have moved to a brighter and airier space towards the rear of the store, and the overall effect is very urban and rugged.

Many thanks for the t-shirt, however I got a little pizza on it at weekend, so a photo is out of the question!
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