The Worlds Most Luxurious Village Shop: ShowStudio

Style : Between the local church, along from the post office and past what many regard as the local cafe, Claridges, is London's most luxurious village shop, ShowStudio. Whilst the boundaries of the small area bound between Park Lane, Piccadilly, Oxford and Regent Streets are now very blurred, the Capitals smartest area continues to impress.

ShowStudio, the brainchild of world renowned photographer Nick Knight, is renowned for its visionary and uber contemporary direction towards the world of fashion and art. Having first opened their e-store of the most exclusive items by some of the worlds most exclusive figures in the creative arts, they have now opened a stand alone store on Bruton Street, W1. 

Running from 9th September to 30th October, ShowStudio presents their latest exhibition, and afterwards products, In Wolves Clothing: Re-imagining the Doll which sees work by Michael Baumgarten, Barbie, Marina Bychkova, Nancy Fouts, Emma Gibson, Nick Knight, Laurie Simmons & Peter Jensen, Lone Siggurdson, Viktor & Rolf and Andrew Yang.


Running at the same time ShowStudio will broadcast performances from the LiveStudio in Bruton Place by Wendy Bevan, Lulu, Rubbish Finger Puppets and others. Dolls have long been the fascination of humans, perversely enchanted by 'little people', from the ancient civilizations, Queen's content on drawing them to couturiers and little girls.  It previews on the 8th of September, Fashion's Night Out evening, and I have been luckily enough to be invited. 

But what else does the ShowStudio shop have to offer? 


Union Jack by John Galliano - 2001 - £25,000 
Created by Galliano for a shoot with Nick Knight. 


Helment by Gareth Pugh - 2009, £4,000
Created for the SS10 Video Presentation during New York Fashion Week. 

Photographic Print by Solve Sundsbo - 2007, £10,250 
Unique singed print of Gareth Pugh taken in London in 2007. 

Untitled Artifact by Nasir Mazhar - 2009, £15,000
Shown in Nasir's AW09 Collection 

Martin Maison Margiela, Painted Tabi Boots - 2009, £POA 
A reissued boot from the SS 1989 collection for the 20th Anniversary collection for SS09. 

Martin Maison Margiela, Painted Blaxer - 2009, £POA
A reissued jacket from the SS 1989 collection for the 20th Anniversary collection for SS09. 

Signature Series: Dressing Book, Ariana Page Russell - 2009, £30
A signature book on how Ariana uses her own skin as a canvas. 

Happy shopping, just don't tell your bank manager! 

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