LA Diary: Missoni x Target

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It's Italian, it's zigzag and it's coming to Target - this is the first proper look at the Missoni diffusion line to hit the American retailer on September 13th. With thanks to the Marylen Agency and WSJ, this ultra clear first campagin shot shows Margherita Missoni pulling a zigzag wheel case alongside quite a dashing guy in a zigazg sweater and scarf, with contrasting case, being watched by another couple in zigzag.

The four hundred odd items, that range from $7.99 (£4) to $199.99 (£122) in collaberation with Target was announced in May that got me, and a lot of other people, quite excited. Looking at this shot, I think the menswear pieces will be a lot more true to Missoni - a juxtapostion of loud but understated - rather than the womenswear and accessories that seem to have been uber printed to an inch of their production. I really like the sweater and scarf in these shots as they are simple yet masculin and a great opporunity for 'regular' guys to dip into the label. The zigzags across the chest seem well styled, going across to the arm. The scarf, however attractive, seems a little watered down from here,  very generic and high-street, but we shall see.

But with dinnerware, bedding and lord knows what else, is this a sell out or a grand homage to a great label that I would like to get my hands onto a piece of the Target x Missoni action?

It will be avilable at most Targets around LA (and the USA) but check the website for info closer to the time.

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