J W Anderson at OKI-NI

Style : If you have not heard about one of the hottest menswear designers in London at the moment, then let me introduce you. J W Anderson has wowed the fashion pack in London for a couple of seasons now, producing some amazing and invigorating pieces that sell out in hours over at Oki-Ni.

The avent-garde and forward thinking online stockist has JUST got in these stunning items which were seen on the catwalk at the Menswear Day at London Fashion Week in February. To view the pieces left from last season, and the new collection, click here.

This portrait t-shirt maybe a little macabre with the eyes scratched out, but it makes an impact against similar t-shirts that will be seen during autumn winter 2010.

Camel and faux sheerling, two major trends for the coming season. The raw edges give this piece the nod toward the influence of the collection. 'St James and the Assassin' and the notion of a rugged romanticism of the Irish countryside.

Amongst this edge is a juxtaposition of government and the paramilitary as well as youth rebelion of the 1970s, street style and American varsity.

JW Anderson's AW/10 collection represents a scrapbook of thoughts based on the notion of the Saint and the Assassin. A collection full of contradiction - the romanticism of the Irish countryside is juxtaposed with paramilitary references. Likewise, the rebellion of street style mixes with the uniformity of varsity which is a mish-mash of J W Anderson's upbringing in northern Ireland.

One of the influences of the collection, the heart, is clearly represented in tassels - another trend nod - that creates a visual smack towards the whole idea behind the J W Anderson mind.

Seen on the catwalk, this key ring may not be cheap but it will sell out, like most of the collection's accessories. It has four working karabiners and is decorated with combs, braids and horn-carved talismans.

The collection, like the key ring is embellished with bike chains, beads and metal detailing reflects the street style influence within the collection. However, it is the L.O.V.E and H.A.T.E that was seen on the earlier released rings that push the struggles and contrasts within the collections influences.

But above all, it is a collection that I want and I would wear. Sorry, Halifax, it's going to be a long season...
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